Greg Mc Donald welcomes you to his technology.

Motorcycling handling problems solved!

Precision 3-D Alignment and Geometry Measurements for Motorcycles

"Sweet Numbers" Chassis Geometry for Optimum Setup.

G.M.D. Spec Suspension - Professional Certified Suspension Setup Services

Used for Track Day, Club Racing, Sport Bike, Super Motard, Touring, Motorcross and Off-road and National Championship, World Championship and MotoGP.

We make motorcycling more fun, by unlocking the hidden potential in your motorcycle chassis. We identify correct geometry and suspension setup and rectify frame and suspension misalignment.

GMD Computrack Headquarters now offers online person to person Tutorials on the real facts on Chassis and Suspension Setup to obtain your "sweet numbers' and introducing the NEW GMD COMPUTRACK manual, Measurement/Setup Station linked to the New upgraded GMD Software. A very cost-effective system.

Contact Sydney Headquaters via email for details.

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New focus on chassis set-up and rider feedback education and coaching.
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